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Yes, no blog posting since i was VERY BUSY lately.

A weekend is a good time to give you out some YouTubes videos, and tell you what’s going on.
I’ve done the first just now.

I urge you to read the Dilbert‘s “how dilbert was made” comics strips. I wonder why Scott Adams only now decided to tell this story in the comics, and why there’s no mention in his blog.
Now, A few short topics for discussion which are good conversation starters for calling me up, chatting over messanger, commenting, or emailing me.

* Corbomite Games, Zbang, and Pizza Morgana!

* My Birthday party

* Olamot 2007

* Shooting up fireworks :
– At my birthday
– Independece Day
– Student Day
– Lag Baomer
– My remote control project

* Accordion Hero and the garage geeks (more to come about this)

* going on national TV

* Meeting with a very nice gamer called Yoram, who’s also a lawyer for the good side, he defnded the innocent in the battle again the evil corporate copyright owners in the case.

* Getting accepted into the Merage Foundaion‘s MBA Student Summer Education Program

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