Model making: Perfectionism.

No true model maker in the world can look at his complete model and say : Ahhhh…
All of them, including myself, see all the flaws, glithces, bad paint job, bad gluing, etc..

A few days ago i bought a bunch of tools and equipment from a model maker who goes to the states for a long while. I think i made a good deal on most of the items, but i fear that i don’t actually need most of them, and could have lived without them. I bought them anyway, since in over all, it was cheaper to buy them as a bundle rather then actually buy them seperatly, and new. I always feel i waste money on stuff i don’t need. I hope i can use each and every thing i bought so i won’t feel like i’ve wasted precious money. YYEEEESSSSS…. MY PRECIOUS MONEY !!! AND I WON’T LET THOSE HOBITSES TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME !!!

Anyways, this guy who i’ve bought the stuff from, had a very nice and detailed model of an F-16. I didn’t notice which F-16 i think it was an F-16A or B. i only looked at it for a few seconds because i was in a hurry. I told him it looks very nice, and he immidietly told me: What are you talking about ? this model is crap ! it’s my first work !
I immidietly laughed… that’s what every model builder would say about his first model… I say that about my first models…
And yet they are there, in the display case, along with the rest of the models…

Rose has this to say about perfectionism:

I’ll finish with two quotes from Introduction To Plastic Modelling:

“Better is the arch enemy of good”
“Not very nice, but finished!”

Enjoy !

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