Getting Ready

Starting tommorow i’m going away for three weeks. I’ll probably worn’t be able to post anything in that time.
That’s a shame too, because it happend so soon after I started writing my Blog.

I was busy today getting ready, still burning stuff I don’t want lost while i’m gone. Putting clothes in my backpack, and stuff.
I’ll probably be all like “what am i missing? what did I forget ?” tommorow, like I always do when i go away.
I’m sure gonna miss Lee, and everybody. A lot !

I had a small “fashla” with the gallery – 3 of the albums I put in, got deleted. I’ll put them in when I have time again. It’s frustrating, because each album takes an hour or more to add…

Yael, A friend of Lee and me came by today. We went to the supermarket and they bought themselves all the ingridients to make a nice ham`n`cheese sandwitch, In a big Gebeta bread, with tons of vegtables, lettuce, tomato and stuff. I saw it and was very impressed.
It’s usually cheaper to buy stuff at the supermarket and make it at home, rather then go to a resteraunt and order it.
However, some “Resteraunt” food taste better, and some “Home cooking” taste even better then that.

I’m sure noone in the world can argue about “Mom’s food”. Everyone likes their mom’s food.
Lee likes the food I make very much. She calls it “Dooshi food”. (Dooshi – that’s me -> Oded -> Dedoosh -> Dooshi).
I’ve heared my sister, who’s a COMPLETE vegetarian argue with my mom quiet often about the food she makes. But i’m sure she likes what she makes for her very much.

Other then that one, Ori, one of my friends from the “Thusday evening dinner club” (who is a vegeterian too) said he started reading my Blog too.
Everybody Welcome Ori. !!!
He said he’s missing some big stories, and I should probably write one, at least once a week.
I’ll try to write one, later, if I make it.
If not, I’ll probably have A LOT of big stories to tell when I get back…
I’m going to see some movie with Lee now.

Oh. A few small requests:
1. Please register.
2. Please comment on the stuff I write.
3. Since I have SO MUCH to say, I don’t know where to start. If you have any suggestions, or want to know something about me, please tell me.
Oh. I’ll put in a new Poll, Just for that.

Keep having fun whatever you do!

Signing out.

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