Honest People

One of the models i’ve been buying a lot of recently in E-Bay havn’t arrived, and it’s been 3 months already.

I’ve contacted the guy who sent it to me, and after two weeks of discussion, he offered to refund me if it doesn’t arrive within a week. That was last week.

I was so over joyed to see I got refunded today, after having informing him yesterday that the bloody Reliant model still havn’t arrived.

It makes me feel that there are still honest pepole in the world. I mean, that guy doesn’t know me, and there are so many frauds going on out there. The fact that i didn’t fall for one, reassures me again, that kindness still exists out there somewhere, in Canada.

Dash to Reut Almog (Who’s in Canada now), and Gil Biderman (Who’s moving to Canada for two years) !

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