not really blogging lately

I haven’t been blogging all to much lately.

I don’t have too many new things to write about.

Nothing new at work, other then we move to the triangular tower instead of the circular one.

Still working hard on my models, both the U.S.S. Voyager, and the Kazon mini ship.

I’ve finished a paper model of a star wars AT-AT, (what ? you don’t know what an AT-AT is ? Shame on you !) and i didn’t even find the time to take a few pictures of it and put on the web.

I havn’t been photographing a lot lately too. I used to take my camera to alot of occasions and now i do it less. Plus i don’t really travel lately so i don’t take my camera with me.

what I HAVE been doing, is playing Staw wars Galaxies until 4AM each day.
I’m very close to achieving the Master Droid Engineer proffession.

I like SWG a lot, and i’m REALLY addicted, whishing i didn’t have to work or go out of my house so i could play 24/7. but i can’t.
Don’t get me wrong, the fact that i wish i COULD play it 24/7, doesn’t mean that i would actually do it if it’d had the chance. I would take a few brakes to eat and shower. And maybe a few minutes now and then to spend with Lee.
Just like i do on weekends: I wake up, play, get hungy, play more, tell myself i’ll make food, play some more, get a headache for not eating, play even more, Lee calls, i tell her “yes yes.. i’m going to the swimming pool”, i continue playing another hour, i notice the time and that i’m an hour late for the pool, i play a bit more, then i go to the pool. I get back from the pool, check out what’s been going on in the game while i was in the pool, say: “I’m gonna take a shower”, keep playing for another 2 hours, notice that people who comes to see “Stargate” with us would be here in a few minutes, so i go to shower, i finish with the shower, people are already here, i ignore them and play a few minutes while they talk with Lee. We watch stargate. As soon as it’s over, even before they leave, i run the game, as it takes about 5 minutes to load, and i don’t want to waste any time on not playing. I play straight to 5AM, go to sleep, only to wake up at 9AM, so i can be at work at 9:30. I play until 10:00 and get to work at 10:30.

My daily routine.


OMG !!!


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