Problem solved.

The company i worked for solved the conflict i had with myself reagrding my job there.
The company was making sound software plug-ins, which was very nice and all, part for the fact that i didn’t have anything that was directly related to that. I was in the infrastructure maintanance team called “Cross Platform” (or X-Platform).
What i was doing was the “drity work” i was moving bits form one place to another. I tried moving within the company to the R&D department where they actually DO stuff, but the answer i got was that i lack the formal experience required for a job in the R&D. Bullshit.
In My opinion, is was way overqualified for a simple porgrammer’s job. The tasks i was doing was, read something a file, write something to a file. It wasn’t even nesscary for me to know what was in the file. just read it, and pass it on to a function.
But i had my comforts in reading comics while compiling, and the fact that i was getting paid, even if it was a reltively low salary.

Last week, shortly after writing the “move” post, My boss calls me for a conversation regarding the end of my evaluation period at the company
He complains about the fact that i seem to be participating in non-work related internet activities, and that i don’t finish tasks on time because i’m given other tasks.
To make an already long story short, i had a few other conversations with him folowing that one. In the initial conversation they promised to find me something interesting to do, as after all, this was a audio plug-in company, which makes plug ins, and it’s not logical that there’s nothing interesting do to.
But apparantly there isn’t. So after sitting and talking with him for an hour gonig over all the tasks possible, and not finding anything other then trivial maintanance bug fixes or helper utility tasks, he callled me again and told me that he’s sorry, but since they can’t find anything interesting for me to do, they don’t want to keep an unsatisfied employee at thier company, because it’s not good for them in the long term.
I wan’t shocked or suprised at all. I was thinking the same things myself, but i did thought i’ll keep at it for a little while longer.

so, there you have it, and now for a bunch of cliche’s:

I got fired.
A two weeks notice.
a pink slip.
But the can’t fire me, because i quit !
I left the coal mine.
i’m between jobs now.

but :
when one door closes another open.

don’t look at the pot but what’s inside it.
A watched pot never boils.

also some random quataions spinning in my head:
“you must cut the largest tree in the forest…. with ….. A herring !!!”. (monty python’s holy grail)
“People like that should get fired. out of a cannon.” Hitch hiker’s guide to the galaxy

Live long and prosper.

Do you know anyone who’s looking for a programmer ?

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