Who are YOU ?

Just so you’d know, BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING !

Actually i don’t know if big borther cares enough to watch you. but I DO.

Every click on this page is being logged. and i mean EVERY click.

For instance, if helps me catch Hackers who decide my site is impotant enough to hack into.
It also gives me statistics and stuff.

But then, i wonder who else read my blog, besides you, the regular 5 readers i can count on one hand, or 2 simpson hands.

For instance, who knows my adress from “University of Salford, Salford, United Kingdom” or someon who uses “TCA Internet, United States” or “Actcom, Israel” … Wait. That last one is me….

The more anooying thing about this subject, is that i never see the same “random” non-regular visito here twice.

So, OK. For you first time visitors here, i PROMISE, I’ll update the About Me section soon, so you’ll stick around longer.

What I’d really like to know is, WHO YOU ARE ?

Feel free to draw me a line.


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