Taiwan Day 3 – Saturday – 24/01/04

Idan Left In The morning before I woke up. Actually it was After I woke Up and went to bed again.

Still jet-lagged. I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep. I went to the convenient store and bought some food at 6am. This time I got back without any special troubles, I listened to the Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Audio book I brought with me. I’m reading/Listening to “So Long and Thanks for the fish”. I’m almost half way through it by this time.
I even got to call Lee and we talked for a while so it was almost as if we went to bed together…

I was constantly awaken by firecrackers, celebrating Chinese new year. I would hear them, bang outside my window, run to my window, to find out I can’t actually see anything. Got depressed by that, and went to bed. This process happened at least 5 times during my sleeping attempt.

I Woke up Nauseated. Went to the office and then met Sterling there when he arrived. I organized some of my stuff, and installed utilities on the computer there. We talked for a while, Later we went to dinner with Bob and Phoebe. Sterling’s girl friend came along too. Since my stomach was a bit upset, so they took me to this place that has some special chicken soup. The soup was very thick, and even got crust when it cooled a bit. Probably because of some extra animal fat they add. There was all sort of nice dishes starting from fried rice, one of the kinds of sweet and sour chicken, shenchai, I think. There are many, many kinds of that thing, I had only tasted very few in Israel, Usually the one that looks like a Hanuka donut, with a piece of chicken inside. There was also something which is a mix between Iraqi Pita and Malawach. It was basically the same, but it was baked with green onions. Very nice.

Having almost nothing to do by myself that morning, other then sit in front of the computer, I have decided I wanted to by a tourist book. Something like Lonely Planet Taiwan. For my surprise that was the only English book in the tourist book section of a big 24hrs Barnes and Nobels style store not far from Bob’s house. In that same store which I spend about only 20 minutes in, I found some Futurama Comic book which isn’t available at Comikaza, and some Asterix comics which are cheaper here. Not by much. I later realized I was dividing the prices from NT (Taiwan Dollars) to NIS (Israelli Dollard) by 9 when it’s actually somewhere along 7.5 NT’s per shekel. Obviously that caused me to believe stuff was cheaper. Prices here are actually pretty much the same as in Israel.

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