Firtst Impressions on LSL:MCL

Short intro :
Leisure suit larry : Magna cum laude, is the next installment in the good old leisure suit larry series. Or is it ?
Vivendi universal, bought out Sierra, the company that made the original good larry games. They were about some loser trying to get laid… i’m sorry.. rather, a bit unsuccessfull guy in pursiut of love in our cruel unfair world. And the games took the whole comedic point of view of life.
All that Thanks to Al Lowe (read the blog entry from about a week ago).

I’ve been playing 10 hours of the new larry game and according to my progres meter i’ve finished about 12.3% of the game. Exactly.

So far i can only say it resembles the original series and needs time to get used to.
Unlike the misconception revolving aroudn this game and the promises from the developer studio that it’s an “adventure game” laced with some mini-games, it’s exactly the opposite.
It’s a series of Mini-games, wrapped up nicely with some background story. It’s not really an adventure game in the sense that DOOM3 isn’t (even though it has a main plot).
The term “Action/Adventure” has become very popular term, and i’d hope that the “Action” part would be less dominate, and that the gameplay wouldn’t require very demanding hand-eye coordination to succeed in simple tasks such as CONVERSATIONS !

So far (remember, this is a first impression as i’ve only done 12.6% of the game) it’s not what i expected, and i’m going to see this game through until it’s end and give you a full report when i do.
A few things i can tell you yet from my “brief” 10 hour game play period is that there are a few conceptual flaw, especially regarding the Girls of the game and their elaged “real life” model pictures of them, and also that this game feels completly like it was designed as a console game and the porting to PC was just a by-product used for marketing in order to milk more profits off the game.
One of the reasons i’m saying this is because i didn’t use my mouse ever since i started playing the game. That’s 10 hours without a mouse.
Same thing happend with KOTOR or BG&E.
It’s a shame us PC gamers aren’t considered the primary market for “Action/Adventure” games.
One of the many problems of the industry.
One of many….

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