LSL: MSL – Conclusions

First here are to referances :

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and Al Lowe’s first impressions – here

I’ve finished the game a few days ago, and didn’t urge to write up about it.
It took a lot of “getting used to” in order to finish this game. A LOT.
Some good news for those of you who are hand-eye-coordinationly challanged, You can technically finish the game without the need to play all the annoying mini-games. and losing them over and over. you just need to find secret tokens, and then wimp out.
I used that option seldomly. I don’t like to be a wimp or to be called a wimp, and i don’t like to wimp out. But something, this game is just too much to stand.
As an overhall experience, i’ll give it an 7.5 in ron gilbert’s patented 7 to 10 scale.
I should probably ask him for permission to use it, or i can wait for the cease and desist note to arrive from his lawyer. (or however you call that note, i have a hunch i got the wrong pronounciation and spelllling.)
I’ll reiterate and summerize my issues of the game:
Not an adventure game
For a non-adventrue game, it’s very mediocare.
It’s at some point simply TOO hard and therefor stops being fun, and it wasn’t too fun to begin with.
The conversation being a mini-game is THE WORST THING POSSIBLE IN A GAME PLAY EVER. not only you can’t decide on how the dialog aligns, you have to hear it OVER and OVER and yet OVER again, just because your motoric skills are those of a 14 year old hard core gamer who shoots monsters all day long and ins’t even allowed to play it because he’s underage. Besides beign boring after the second time that you’ve head the same dialog (with minor changes) it’s getting annoying to both fail, and then BE PUNISHED by the need to repeate it again, and again.
Oh and the ending kind of sucks, which is a problem with SO MANY games. Havn’t you game designers learn ANYTHING from movie making ? THE ENDING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE GAME !
to be honest only 2 of 3 game ending totally suck. The third one is just .. well… for lack of betterr term just not good enough. I was lucky to choose the better one first.

A few pros:
The game did have some weak, but sometimes slightly amusing humor, some reference to the old larry games, i kinda liked the Lefty’s bar which looked pretty much the same as in the VGA remake of LSL1, and was pornographic in nature (can be considered a plus for some people).

I was left with the feeling of wasting time playing this game rather then spending time in game play, or what i’d rather have is the feeling of investing time in game play.

If you can, don’t buy this game. Vivendi Universal don’t need your money. If you must know what it’s like, either play the demo, come to me and i’ll show it to you, OR find some other way to get a copy, i wont’ say anything more about it

If you must play something, and you havn’t done so, go play Betond good and evill
One of the three best games of the year, Still.
Enjoy !

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