Taiwan Day 4 – Sunday- 25/01/04

Couldn’t sleep tonight either. I actually woke up at 6 am. Couldn’t sleep at all. Even tough I was dead tired. I Ran out of HHTTG episode in the CD I had at the hotel room, I had the rest on MP3 at the hotel, but my CD Player don’t read them. It’s too old. I’m gonna buy a new one here before I go back. I had another 45 minutes of book at the office, but I didn’t feel like getting up and dressed and go to the office just to get one CD. So I started reading the tourist book.
I found out some things I already knew, and learnt about a few places I can probably visit in the next weekend.

At the morning (afternoon), I went and stayed at office, watching a Smallville episode. It was the day before last of the new year’s. Nelson called me and we went to the Shih-Lin Night Market after he was through with some family dinner or something, we went to the market along with his girl friend and a friend of hers. Hanging with Nelson is good. He kind of reminds me a bit of cousin Alex. Only Chinese. I think it’s something to do with his accent and his height. He’s not a “Gil Biderman” high. Nelson is cool to hang with and we have a lot to talk about usually. I think that everybody here at Sanctum is very friendly and nice, and so does Idan.

The Shih-Lin Market is very large, and was very crowded that night, because of the holiday. There is a “food court” area which has a lot of different varieties of dishes. I ate some fried fish pieces that has the same sauce that the Oyster egg thing has. Nelson had the oyster thing. He bought me some drink called “Frog Eggs” (See Pictures). Don’t worry. It’s not actually frog’s eggs. It’s like some Jello-Ice-Tea with small dark starch balls. They even have larger straws for the cup, that are available almost only in Taiwan, and it’s mainly just for this drink. We then stood in line for some fried chicken. It’s basically a Schnitzel. A very good one for that matter. It’s not made out of bread crumbs but some other way to use flour, and they season it with spices, like black pepper and red pepper powder which made it a bit over spicy. Also it’s big. Very big. And entire chicken’s breast I’ll assume. We went to some of the smaller streets, it resembles “Nachlat Binyamin”, a lot of vendors with carts. Stores that sell all sort of clothes and stuff. It’s what you’d expect in a night market I guess…

Nelson bought me a prepaid SIM card that you can stick in your GSM Phone, and just talk here without all the extra roaming charges I Pay for using my Orange phone. I stuck it in my phone and it didn’t work. “SIM card not accepted”. Nelson told me that some cell companies lock their phones so you wouldn’t be able to able to use them In other networks. That isn’t nice. A short Google search for “Hacking Nokia Phone Sim” didn’t help. I found out HOW to actually hack the phone, but you also need Orange’s code, which I don’t have. Hacking is such a nice illegal hobby. Thank god I don’t practice it, nor do I support, or encourage anyone of take part in hacking in any way.

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