Weekly blurb 1: Family and Meteor Showers

Hello and welcome to my weekly blurbs… 🙂
Part 1:
I don’t see my more distant family all too much. an occasional wedding, or bar-mizva here and there, once in every long while, and unfortunanly at funurals and memorial services…
A bit over a year ago, Shmeul Neufeld RIP, died. He was my Granmother’s borther (of my dad’s side) which makes him my father’s uncle or my great uncle (i think that’s the term). At his funural i’ve met a lot of family members i havn’t met in quiet a while. I’ve decided then that i’m starting a new tradition, of celebrating Hannuka and alongside my grandmother’s birthday along with all the distant relatives that i almost don’t get to see. So last year, i’ve invited all of them over, and many came, and it was a lot of fun, and something i really enjoyed, and know that the rest of the family enjoyed. Especially my father.
So, to keep tradition traditional, I’ve planned the exact same thing this year. It was a bit more problematic to organize this year due to scheduling with as many people as possible, and obviously a few didn’t came, and a few others cancled at the last moment, but amazingly enough, the composition of the family members who did arrive was exactly the same as last year, give or take 1 or 2!

However, I got sick to my stomach just about 3-4 hours before the event was supposed to start, causing feel bad, on top of being late and unable to do the final organizations like I was supposed to. Luckily, i’m a good planner and my parents knew exactly the plan for everything, and what was supposed to go where. So it all turned out just fine, and after a while the medicine i took started to take effect and i gradually felt better.
I’m gonna try and invite some of the distant relatives who missed out of this to some more private meeting, again at my grandmother’s house. I like to feel good about doing something to bring back the family together, and I do when it happens.

It’s odd how sad events like funurals can cause family to get together.
I’m just trying to get everybody together without the need to deal with death.

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