CTRL+ALT+DEL comic book

Ctrl+alt+del Vol. 1 is here !!!
I don’t know why it took me almost a week to write about getting it, but im still excited to own this very fine work of art.
I’ll suggest again, and again to go and read a few strips of Ctrl +Alt+Del, because even if you’re not a hard core computer games (like myself) it’s a very funny comic and has everything: computer games, love, physical humor, robots, time traveling, and Linux.
The author, Tim buckley also has a BLOG which i find as interesing as the comics themselves.
I’m very proud i’ve bought the book, and it’s a great purchase too. Not only it is printed on a very nice shiny colorful paper that keeps it nice like reading it on screen, it also has extra material not available online (like a few new strips and stories), AND each one of the original strips has a COMMENTARY underneath it, so now i’ll have to read it all again !
Yay !!
And yes, It was definitly worth getting fired for reading it during work hours…. 😉

Thanks Tim Buckley, Keep up the good work !
I’m anxiously waiting for CAD Vol. 2 !

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