Dunkin Donuts

The most yummy thing in the world is food you have a craving for.

My cousin came from New York to Isreal on a business trip from his work as a secretary at “Habonim Dror”.
I asked him to bring me a box of my all time favorite Dunkin Donuts.
Those donuts are the most delicious things i’ve ate in a VERY long time. I LOVE DONUTS !
More then Homer Simpson !
Each bite i took at the box of fresh donuts was better then the one before it !
Although they were almost day old and smashes in the baggadge compartment of a jet airliner, they still were delicious !!!
I was soo thrilled by getting them and eating them. They have a special tatste nothing here in israel has. It’s definently my favorite food (all those who asked me that, i can now answer with 100% certainty).
I was devistated when they closed down the israeli network of Dunkin donuts. I was one of their best costumers, i assume – having donuts at least once or twice a week, and even more then that during my army service.
I’d go out to see a movie with my freind Oded Mofradi and we’ll then dorp by at the Dunkin Donuts in Malchei Israel Square, eat donuts and drink hazlenut flavored coffee. I miss it so much.

I wonder how much does it cosr to fed-ex a box over to israel every once in a while. is it even possible ?

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