”Not again”

first, Amnon, what stories do you want to hear ? Or rather which ones should i bothre to type up ?

Regardless, I have two tales for today.

I went to work yesterday feeling sick, but i had a presentation to give out at 15:00. So after the company’s toast for passover at,i told my boss i’m leaving to get some rest at home, and if i don’t call by 14:30, i’m not coming to give the presentation. He told me to feel well, and go before I infect someone else, like HIM.
I kept feeling nauseated throughout the day, and even got up nauseated today.

Now, in my opinion, the explanatoin for my frequant nasuea might be one of those:
1. Actual viral agents or bacterias.
2. Alergies
3. Fatigue
4. Stress

It can also be a combination:

I wish i could have eliminate some of those, but i simply can’t. If i want to eliminate Fatigue I get later to work, and then the stress about losing my job increases.
I’ll go check up if i have allergies, and i can’t se a reason why i keep getting infected…

A second tale, speaks of irony.
I set up a Gmail account for my mom a few weeks ago. Ever since, MY maillbox have been filling up all those email forwareded jokes i keep getting form all over. And she doesn’t even send funny ones, or good ones. it’s either crap, or jokes i already read.
So, i decided to use her own medicine against her.
I selected about 300 of the unread joke email i have (out of abour 3000) and pressed forward.
I assumed Gmail can hold up easily those 100mb’s worth of joke emails.
What i didn’t account for, was that my Anti virus software will backfire on me. Apparantly it doesn’t allow emails of more then 35mb’s to be sent, and it’s way of notification is to email you BACK the email you’ve sent.
But unfortunatelym it has a bug which causes it to be sent to every one of your email accounts you have on your computer. So now, my hard drive was filled up with 1.2 GB of JUNK JOKE emails !!!

Does any of you know how to write a script that i can feed mozilla so i’d be able to send 300 emails to my mom without needing to fill in the email address manually ?


On a brighter note :
Ron Gilbert is coming to London, and i hope he’ll be around at the same time we will, as he claims he’ll meet up with fellow gamers !

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