A Working Day From Hell

I had the worst working day i’ve had since working for majorem.

I don’t care if anyone from work reads this, and it gets me fired like i heard some bloggers get.

I Had an argument with my boss, a bad presentaion that was accompenied with arguing with the QA manager and not being backed up by my boss, an argument with the IT manager telling me to delete my 16GB of mp3’s i already had to copy from cd’s TWICE each time spending a week doing it, an argument with my computer, then some more arguments with my boss and IT manager about the same stuff, and i was so angry and annoyed i couldn’t concentrate on doing anything at work.


But i got an better mood after coming home and watching some Star Trek TOS episode which my “so called” trekkie friends didn’t want to see on friday, and yet another good episode of Veronica Mars.

The Experiment is odd.
Now, i have 4 commercials about web counters, and BLOGs.
I want commercials abtou computer games… !!
Games that are played on the computer
Those virtual entertainment things !
The pieces of software that you have fun with !
YES ! Computer games !
I want commercials for online games, and RPG’s and stuff like play for 5 minutes for free and then pay us !
Why do i get fucking commercials about donations, brain tumors, and WEB COUNTERS !
I have and want none of those !
Especially the brain tumors.

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