Busy Busy Busy

You’d still have to wait for those stories and pictures form London. I can’t seem to be able to get myself to only pick a few hundreds of pictures out of the thousands I took.
Lee will do it with me tommorow, as we bearly saw each other today.

So many things are going through my head. One of them, like deviant brainwave says, I can’t blog about.
Other things include installing the new car audio system i bought for my VW beetle car. I spent a few hours today cleaning it’s inside today, and i’m heaving thoughs about how to install it.
Gonna be tricky, since they didn’t have stereo or 4 speakered sound system back then when this car was made…
More today, I cought up a bit with some TV, but still much to see. Sorted our some emails. They have been piliing up all these two weeks..

I don’t know if i told you readers, but I started playing my accordion again.
I mostly play out Sci-fi music, like star wars, and i’ve been playing the new hitch hiker’s soundtrack…
I also tought myself to play LeChuck’s theme from Monkey Island.

I didn’t get to play any of the computer games I told myself i’d play once i get back from London, and already the weekend is over, and I need to wake up early tommorow to go to another day at my boring job.
I try to balance the boredom of the job with interests in my personal life, but there are just so many.

All that convention rekindled my enthusiasm for making a REAL israeli convention with an actual star, and such a project requires so much attention and work, not to mention a lot of convincing to do, and politics. I don’t know if i can find the time to do all that.
I also have dreams of letting my artist’s side take a more important part in my life, and if i could only find out how to make money out of it, i might do a career change.
How do you get to be a big time TV producer or director on some sci-fi TV show ? Some of them aren’t too much older then me ! And i’ve been wasting my life on boring programming when i could do something exciting like TV or movies, or computer games !!
Life is just unfair.

My sister told lee yesterday that she prefers her blog because Lee tells what actually happend, while my blog is repetative and complaining.

Well, sorry sis ! I guess i’m just unhappy with my life as they are and i’m trying to figure out how to change them, and if i can’t even talk about it, then i don’t know what to do.

I’ll just say one thing about the trip to London:
We met this very lovely girl by the name of Sara Knecht at the SG1 convention we attended. She’s from Iowa, USA and is with her English class taking some classes in England. She was very nice and both me and Lee almost immidetly connected with her, and spent those 3 days together..
Sara is a true Stargate fan, and remember quotes and Stargate trivia i don’t even dare to remember. But then again, i’m guessing i’m more of a Star Trek / Star wars fan then a Star gate fan.
A simple google search led me to her blog

I’m anxiously waiting for her to write something up in it.
I’ll give her those two weeks to get back from England…

P.S. I’m definently feeling the effects of getting old. Today i couldn’t remember anything about some few old Stargate episodes. Even Lee managed to remember more then I. I need some memory excercises, and to eat more B-12, or whatever you eat to improve memory…

Now where was i ?
I forgot… Neremind…

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