Friends, and their lack of

For 4 years, a bunch of friends would come over every friday night and watch enterprise with us. We’d tell everyone to come at 22:00, only about an hour or so before, and our apartment would be full of joyful people who liked watching Star Trek together. The participants varied, some left, some new ones joined. And sometimes, and much more often near the end, we didn’t even have to call anyone, they’d call us and ask what we were doing.

For the past month, every friday and saturday night looks the same !
We pick up the phone, call a whole bunch of people, but none come.
The amount of excuses are huge !
I’m not in town, i’m not in hte country, i’m tired, i’m studying for a test, i have a paper to submit, i don’t feel like gonig out, i have an early shift tommorow, my wife fell asleep, i’m doing reserve duty, I already took a movie from the DVD machine, I am going out with friends, We have to go to a family dinner in another city, we don’t live near you anymore so it’s a long ride.
I believe that was only a small fraction of the excuses, and i can methematically prove it
using the Pigeonhole theorem :
we call more people then there aer excuses listed here, and we did it already for the past 6 weeks, so if 6 * the number of people we call < number of exuces the it's a small fraction.

There are actually a lot more people on my phone’s list that I don’t call.
Some because I already know they won’t come. Some because I havn’t talk to them in ages. Some because Lee don’t like some of our friends, some just because.

I’m putting some food in the the oven, since i’m starving from running around and squirting water at people in Rabin’s Square:

mobile clubbing


maybe one of our many friends will change his mind and come.

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