tension at work

I’m abiding my doctor’s orders and staying at home, and not going to work.
I do read and answer my work emails tough.
I was shocked when I got this angry email from our hardware lab maanger, who was complaining about my “misbehaviour”. I have two issues about this letter, first that it wasn’t true, and accused me of doing many things.
second, that it was sent to all the company’s directors. My boss, his boss, their boss, all the bosses.
I had to reply calmly and logically to his accusations.
Today I found an invitation for a meeting with the obnoxious guy who send me tha email and the VP of RND.
All that when i’m sick and home.

The place i work for is going downhill. Mark my words. It’s another company on the way to be closed down. Instead of concentrating on the work it’s concentrating on details, like when I use font 11 instead of 12 in a requirement document that’s never gong to be read by anyone, and when i claim it’s nitpicking and irrelevant, i get a whole lecture how much it’s important that all the documents have a unified format, and how much it’s important for the company development and bla bla bla..
Last I heard such nonsense was in Israeli army beurocracy. The copmany is turning into a military ruled company.
No wonder, when it’s CEO, and VPRND, and half the newly hired chain of command all came with vast experience from commanding in the army.
And that’s exactly where the company’s managerment is going. It’s not managing, it’s commanding.

I’ve heard people talking about finding new jobs.

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