moer comparisons

One big diffrence between the high tech industry and show biz, is emotions.

Show biz was created to invoke emotions and thoughts, while the high tech industry is quite the opposite.
High tech requires maturity, self-control, relibility, responsibility, profits, deadlines, detailed documentaions, profits, stress, and death causing boredom.
Don’t get me wrong, high tech life is packed full with emotions, stress, anger, hate, fear, all these are the path to the dark side, while in show biz, even though you deal with those emotions (and often too much) you tend to also dead with happiness, love, friendship, trust, respect, joy, bliss, admiration, and more emotions that do not exist in the high tech world

This might be one of the reasons I want, and always wanted to be a game maker. While game programming is 100% high tech, you get to rub in with some of the nicer emotions at your work place. That is, if you’re not making games like Doom, Half life, warcraft or 99% of the crap that’s out there.

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