Over vented

I have a few thing on my mind that I would on any other day of the week write about. I don’t really feel like that right now.

One of which was a thought to post the next parts parts of yet another email exchange with Amnon.

Another was some developments at my workplace.

Some for good, Some for bad.

Maybe I’ll elaborate Here

My reader base has been increased. I’ve been getting something like
40-50 readers per day, rather then the usual 20. Welcome y’all.

I know there a few co-workers are amongst you. Wolves in sheep fold ? so to say…

I’ve been watching Nasa TV
for a while, and they sound like they’re having tons of fun up there in
space. They’re having funny conversations and sound like they’re on a
vacation trip to orbit. Huston uploaded a Powerpoint presentation over
there, and one of the crew members downloaded pictures she took back to
earth. I wish them more fun up there, and safe return home. I’m
already building a commemorative paper model of the Columbia, I don’t
need another one for the Discovery.

There’s a long storyline development over at Ctrl – Alt – Del my favorite comic. I Read Tim Buckley say this about the story:

There is a lot of detail and emotion involved with this current
storyline, and once its over, CAD will be changed forever. Since right
now I’m the only one who knows how the story goes from start to finish,
just relax and try to understand that I know what I’m doing.

Change forever ? *sigh*

I hope it’s a GOOD change. Even though the whole story been SO apocalyptic.

I’m terrified that one of the characters will actually DIE.

Then Lee reminded me that Ethan Was Killed, like – shot in the chest several times. So did Tim Buckley. So i shouldn’t worry, even if someone dies. It’s a comic book. ahhm. page.

Wow, That was some tedious hyperlinking work.

I’m going back to playing Evil genius.

P.s. I shouldn’t start a blog post with phrases like “I don’t have anything to write about” or “I don’t feel like BLOGGING today” because then i end up with THESE MONSTER POSTS !

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