Friends at work

For all you wanderers who search out my company’s name and by accident
arrive here to my blog, I don’t know what you do here. I removed all
public evidence of being connected to the comany out of fear of being Dooced.
This should suffice.

Now i’d like to mention that I DO seem to have some friend i’ve made at
my wonderful workplace. Some of them read this blog. Some people I knew
before working there. There are a few people from the QA department,
and there are some RND co-workers.
With my friends I can talk freely with, compain, rant, and by grumpy
around, and still they ask me the next day if I come to eat lunch with
them, where they talk to me about their problems, this week’s stargate
episodes, the hard life of being a high tech employee, their kids,
young or old, even if it’s about going to kindergarden, or planning a
trip to south america.
Talks about new-zeland, about dogs, and some more about their dogs. One
about how stupid his dog was, and the other about how much child like
his dog is.
Talks About music, Irani movies, linux open source, and my sarcastic sister.
Talks about moving out and living far away.
Talks about Life, the universe, everything.
And talks about water distilling.

These are my co-workers.
These are my friends.

Now, please quote THIS when you go on a job interview in my company, and not any of the my other rants.

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