Taiwan Day 19

The whole company and the part time crew that ran the show (including the show girls), went together to a KTV to celebrate the end of the show.
People all around the world like to get drunk. They make them happy. I know. I like to get drunk too. It’s a bit hard when you don’t like beer, but gladly they had Smirnoff ice, which I like. I drank two bottles, and I could have drunk more, but I didn’t for an unknown reason. Those two were enough for me.
At first I didn’t really know what I’m going to do in the KTV, after all it’s a Karaoke pub. But part of the fact that there was a TV there, and almost everybody sang songs, well, some sang songs. Bob and Nelson for instance didn’t. Well, Nelson was busy drinking SO MUCH, (he likes to drink) and Bob came with his wife Phoebe, and we talked a lot, and he DID sing one song, some old Chinese song, well not old. It looked like something Arik Einstien or Shlomo Artzi song.
I actually had real fun there, since it’s something like a private pub, where you hang with your friends, and eat (they had very good dumplings there), and drink, have fun, and … well… sing. Of which I don’t fully understand the singing part, but a. when you’re drunk – you’d do anything. B. they apparently need some to go to a private pub and get drunk. While singing.
They did insist I sing something, and the only thing on the English song list was “I Will Survive”, which I was actually willing to sing, since I know most of the word to. I don’t like singing, but I got a lot of applauding, and cheering. So even though it was a bit embarrassing, it was ok. But 1 song was enough for me. I was concentrating (like some other) on the other parts of the thing, food, drinks, conversation. The shouting in a pub conversation type, where the other side only knows so little English because they’re Chinese and doesn’t understand what you’re saying anyway. But it was fun.
I managed to take some good photos of drunken Sanctum people, and they pretty much captured the whole spirit of the evening.

NOTE: If this post didn’t actually had any point, or wasn’t clear or was messed up, it’s because I’m still under the influence of alcohol. As little as it was. And Remember kids, Don’t Brink and Blog.

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