Star Trek Convention

There was a nice star trek convention today, where lee and i gave
lectures. Mine was called “How to destroy the earth” and it was based
on this webpage which was linked here a while ago.

I also participated in a panel.

We also gave Reut Sorek her birthday present and she really liked it.

I’ll upload pictures and the lecture PPT file soon.

Also, I met a friend, Oren Rahat, who i haven’t seen in YEARS, and he
told me something, which i know, but hearing it from someone who i
haven’t been in touch with for a long time gave it much more meaning.
He said : You used to look happy.
I ponder that myself. I haven’t got an answer for that. But I’m not in
the mood to start asking these kinds of questions. My blog is usually
filled up with those kind of questions. Today, I’ll blame it on the
fact that I’m tired.

Now, off to my addiction, which turns out to be more fun the it started out as. or perhaps it’s my addiction that’s talking.

BLAH !!!!!!!

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