no emails.

This is odd, in the past 24 hours, all i got was 1 email. I’m sure it’s not server problems as usual, because when there are server problems I don’t get any emails..
I actually got 1 email and 1 spam. so that’s 2 messages that came from the server.

Have I started disappearing from the world ?
Is my influance on the people around me diminishing ?

Does anyone even care to send me some funny joke, or an email with news about seomthing ?
I know you’ll at least send me email about typos in my blog.
No wait ! You won’t email be, but instead you’ll comment here in the blog about them.. Silly me…

Tommorow might be better, as i’m expecting a new article about car4ron in gamer

I think i posted this song here a while ago, but if not, :
Finite simple group by The Klein Four
Geek musicians !
Hillarious !
gamers, Listen to Where in the world is carmen sandiego

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