Twirling Emotions

Idan’s Grandfather passed away this morning. He was relatively very young, only 68, and Idan is really sad.

I havn’t seen him this sad in a long while…
I went over to see him and be with him, and I intend to visit him again
more then once this week. After all, you can rely on a good friend for
moral support when times call for it.

Straight from Idan’s house we went to %Barnabas’s birthday party ! First, Happy Birthday Hagai !
We ate good stakes and met some friend that I havn’t seen in a long while, like Uri Gonda and Jonathan Mozes.
@BlackFox also was there but left early and I didn’t manage to chat with him about our #fiction IRC channle…
Instead of playing World of Warcraft, i’ve been addicted to the new toy: FLASH MX !
My new creating is coming in the next post, but since i’m gonna post it
in only a few minutes you’ll probably see this one and that one

My undead characted in WoW says : “Stay Optimistic!”

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