Bug reports and air conditioning

The air conditioner here in the apartment stopped working. I’ve told my landlord on friday, and he said he’ll take care of it, but nothing happend so far. I’ll bug him again tommorow. It’s SO DAMN HOT in here, and we only have 1 fan, that Lee is using in the bedroom at the moment…

I worked a little on Holy Crap v2.01 (hotfix #OS00001), or as i’m thinking of calling it Holy Carpel Syndrom. I’ve fixed some bugs related to the score board, I used sql’s UPDATE instead of INSERT, as a conscience choice, becuase I thought a person should appear twice in the high score list, but it leads to further problems, so I rethought my design and now you won’t compain about the score board losing your score again.
Since Amnon claims he got 1024 last time, let him prove it with the new fault tolerant scoreboard.

Also, there’s an open issue that the score board doesn’t immidietly change when you hit a new score. It should, and I can’t figue out why it doesn’t yet. Just click the “high score” button again.
You can also access the high score now, if you click on “Record”.

I hope you all enjoy playing it as much as I enjoy playing World of Warcraft. The feeling is quiet the same, only WoW has better graphics, and sound, and some text with quest descriptions that I don’t bother reading anyhow…. Although I don’t have a spell that says “Holy Crap” in WoW…
I’ll implement the Holy Crap quest system soon.
Hey, i’ve designed and programmed an far better quest system on Ballerium then WoW has…

Oooh look !
A picture of me and some other Majorem employees there during E3 2003

Oh, speaking of WoW, my guild has a webpage:
http://afkhaos.com. It’s brand new, but it’ll grow soon, and i’ll link to it again..

I forgot to say I was kind of screwed by the management of Icon 2005, this year, AGAIN.
They also screwed up Lee.
For some reason, they decided to cancel both our lectures, and activities that we were suppose to be giving during the upcoming sci-fi convention in sukkot at the cinemeque.
No explanatoins, no reasons, but just an email saying “we’re sorry for the inconvenience for canceling your lecture”.
I gave my lecture at the Technocon convention a month ago, only so I can prepare it, as a test run, for Icon, which is the largest convention of the year.
That kinds of annoys me…

Anyways, i’ll put on the lecture’s ppt up soon and link to to, since i forgot to do it right after the lecture like i did last time…

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