Hacked.. Again

Dead readers,
Some stupid
Israeli hacker decided to use one of the phpnuke’s exploits, to leave me a “kind” message, telling me to contant him.
No. I’m not going to contact him.
Hacker, if you’d like, you can try and tell me how you did it, using the feedback feature.

While honored that you thought my site is worth your hacking efforts and time, and that you decided that my site, again, is a good target for attacks.
You don’t need to show me your skills in hacking, nor call me stupid.
Every system in the world is hackable, especially those open sourced ones, like PhpNuke.
I’m sure you feel very proud of yourself for hacking somebody’s blog, and not, say.. a bank’s website. or Google.
That’s a real challange.
It’s such a challange, that you probably just read how to do it on another “how to hack php nuke” website. GOD, there’s a lot of those.
anyways, here are his messages, for your amusements.

צור קשר באימייל


טיפש אני רוצה לעזור לך שהאקר אחר לא יהרוס לך ת’אתר אתה צריך להודות לי

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