I’ve been arguing a lot with Starbase about bringin over a guest star from Babylon 5. A big one.
We’ve been haggling with the contract for the Passover convention in April for over 2 months now.

I’ve been going over this contract and convention details back and forth with this guest’s agent for 4 months now ! Finally we got something we all agree on, and comes Starbase972 and Olamot’s management and decided to not agree to more stuff, some are really important for the guest and some are just stupid to deal with, but they all think EVERYTHING is a deal breaker !
You got to change this and gotta change that ! BLAH !
It’s hard enough to find a guest who’ll come without getting directly paid for the event, and who is willing to come to our god forbidden country that side that makes the largest amount of trouble is OUR SIDE ?
They’re no more then a bunch of kids that don’t know how to behave, they want everything, they want it now, and they want if free or even to get paid for it !
That’s outragous ! I’m REALLY frustrated !
I’ve imagined i’d have to negotiate with the guest’s agent over the contract, instead i’m negotiating the guests’s interests with OUR OWN PEOPLE ! it should be exactly the opposite !
I’m thinking that If i only had the financial means i’d run this convention myself without their help and get all the profits and glory from it for myself !

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