The 78th Academy Award Ceremony.

I can sum it in one word: Depressing.

That was the most boring and depressing academy award show ever. I didn’t find any find worthwhile motion pictures nominated for almost no category !

Is comedy a dying art ?
The only comedy the Osacars have are the award presentaoin itself. Besides downloading the award show itself, i downloaded a cut down, short version of only John Stwewart’s parts of the event. I think i would have been better off only watching that…

Comedy, humor and laughter are the most important of emotions, but the academy people disregards it.
They also showed an oscar montage of “epic” films. Almost none of which were nominated for Oscars. It is ironic that when looking back at what are undoubtly the greatest movies of thier era were through the montages it’s obvious that the “Best motion picture” Oscar award clearly isn’t corelated with the movies that history regards as the best movies..

Another note, also Oscar related, but more social related:
Sexual Equality

From what I’ve been told by a sign at a flower shop i went nearby, today, is the International woman’s day.
In honor of a day that I think serves the opposite purpose I argue this:
A. Women do not want equality. Women want supiriority.
B. As of yet, Women do not have equality. They are still being discriminated. Correctivly Discriminated. Which still furthers them from equality.
C. Assuming sexual equality should be a desired goal by the human race, there’s no room for 2 diffrent acting categories for men and women, isn’t there ?
Is female acting any diffrent from male acting, is the sense that we (as a society) award the performance of an actor ?
If we want sexual equality, without discriminations, these little things should be changed.
I call the academy of motion picture to join up the two best actor categories of the two diffrent sexes..

Either that, or make a new category for “Best Gay Performance by a male actor” (and another one for the lesbians)…

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