Fucking Java !

A whlie ago, I learned Java. Sometimes, all the object oriented issues sometimes get too theoretical, and disconnected from the real world..

quoting http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2006/3/14/175929/544

The problem with most computer science texts is the examples aren’t interesting. Polymorphism isn’t really hard to understand, but the examples are usually boring or difficult to understand. This is an alternative text which attempts to use a problem space that’s already familiar to the college student to make the concepts of programming simple.

Pre-requisite skills You must be comfortable with classes and objects and read basic java/c# to follow this lesson.

They are serious with the pre-requisite thing. If you don’t know what classes and objects are, you won’t find it funny.
Also, a sense of humor is pre-requisite. I know some of you lack it, and you need to seek out proffesional help.
A comedian or something.

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