Piracy in Israel and Europe and the rest of the world.

Here’s a question for you.
Havd you ever thought to blame the movie and TV industry for the piracy in Israel, or European countries ?
I’m sure you have.

Comes MovieLink, a company that lets you buy and download movies through the net.
But, If you’re outside the US, try clicking this link:

One of two of you might be in the US, so here’s what I get redirected to:

Thanks for your interest in Movielink, the leading movie download service. We want you to enjoy our powerful movie experience, but it is presently unavailable to users outside of the United States.

We hope you enjoy the products and services offered below.

Well, sorry to let you down, people in MovieLink, but I CANNOT enjoy your products and services, because you fucking don’t let me into you website AT ALL to enjoy them!

Now, want me to tell you why people pirate again ?
Because they aren’t presented with any other viable options !

BTW, It’s almost the same thing with Paypal, or iTunes.

Americans comes first, but the rest aren’t important.

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