Macs and PC’s

There was a post on Kim’s blog about the Mac Ads.

I have a very low opinion on macs, as i’ve had a very doubtful “pleasure” on working on them.
They stuck as much as a PC, the are very uneasy to get used to if you’re used to something else, and you’re so limited in the system, that you can’t configure ANYTHING, unlike windows, or better yet, open source OS’es like Linux, where you can configure ANYTHING you want the way YOU like it, and not some art majors at apple.
On top of it, most of what’s been said in those commercials simply isn’t true. I couldn’t connect my digital camera to the Mac when I worked in Waves, and i’ve always prefered using the PC.

But still, those commercials are very funny, and for the avarage DUMB user, a mac might be a good choice.
For us smarties, i’d stay away from Macs.

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