Games and Comics

Dork tower has a series of strips about sex in cartoons. It starts with this one:

This made me think.
Comic books and computer games have a lot in common and in particular the sex issue. They are both treated as “things for kids” by those who don’t play games, or read comics. We know that it is entirely false. The average gamer is about 30 now, and by judging from all the stereotypes in sitcoms, the average comics book reader is also 30 or more (and lives in his mother’s garage, and is a virgin).
And hence when comes an adult comic, it is sometimes treated as porn, just as games with adult content are.

What other analogies are there between comics and computer games ?

Barnabas, help me out here.

Ohh, another funny thing I noticed while writing this post, is that Dork Tower is acsually hosted by “Gamespy”, which is a website for computer games.
Huh !

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