Trailer vs. game

I don’t know if this is another case of game trailer that doesn’t depict the game.

but the trailer for Heavy Rain Is something very awesome as by itself.
Watch it and then keep reading (spoilers).
Althogh there’s something mechanical about the way the girl’s talking, and something about not moving her upper lip, and an odd lisp, you get used it quickly, and then you are swarmed by a range of emotional neuances, which is something you don’t see too often in virtual actors.
I wonder if the game itself will be focused on such things, ususally you get an awesome trailer and later to see a low polygonal with characters looking like shit, and no emotion at all.
Now, the next interesting thing is that the trailer is for AN ADVENTURE GAME for ps3.
Not only the adventure game genre isn’t dead, this new title comes for PS3, which isn’t a market for adventrure games at all !
I’d like to see it myself, but I wouldn’t buy a PS3 .
Hope they’ll later release it for PC…

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