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Say you were a famous person, and and internet persona. Like Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert who writes a lot about Israel in his blog.

Now, lets say you get few hundreds or thousands of email and blog comments, and you still want to read the more interesting and relevant ones yourself, but you can’t handle the work load of reading thousands of posts and emails every day.
You’d need a personal assistant who’s job is to read those emails and posts, aggregate the data, and give you an executive summery of the more interesting ones, and also shortly reply on your behalf, like replying a one line email saying “thank you” for a 3 pages long email from a fan.

When i’m rich and famous i’d definetly hire someone to read all the fan and hate e-mail I get and filter them before I read them myself.
Now, my question is, how do you pay and train this person to properly filter the relevant emails from the junk emails ?
For instance, how do you train your assistant minize filtering errors, so that you won’t miss any imprtant invitatoins to visit distant counrties like Israel, but don’t have to read 100 emails saying :
Hey ! Dilber is great ! I love it ! come have my kids ! XOXO fangirl

I raise the question to my readers audience like Scott adams does.
But unlike me, when he gets a question up into the air, he gets about 400-500 answers a day.
I get 0.013 comments on avarage, with a starndart deviation of 1. Don’t ask me about those negative comments. I hate those.

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