Well.. altough i had plans to start watching Season 2 of this series tonight, that’s not what my post is about.

I got lost in YouTube today.

An innocent click on a link from GrumpyGamer lead me to 3 hours of aimless surfing and video watching.
I will say that doing so, followed by a conversation i had with Oded Mofradi today was extremly thought provoking and inspirative.
I know my limits, and i know that my imagination has none, and that i’m very practical guy. I have many dreams and ideas that i wish i could see fullfilled, but in reality things turn out diffrently then in my head, and i’m not sure it because of a lack of talent, lack of knowlegde, lack of funding, or lack or friends.
I have a bunch of ideas curling in my mind now that i don’t know how to fullfill in a way that they’ll be as good in reality as they are in my head.

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