Eggs Benedict

I had a craving for Eggs Benedicts.
The only place i’ve ate EB in Israel is in Dixie, and searching the net i found out that there’s also one in Brassarie
I had a copy of Hair ot Zman tel-aviv or Time out with a list of all the places in Tel-aviv to eat EggsBen, but couldn’t ind it.
I figure out that by the time I got out, into a restaurant, and ordering it, i’d be very hungry, have a hunger headache, and very little money, because these places charge a fortune. I mean 56NIS for breakfats ?
So i googled up some recipes. Of course I was missing bacon, and I have problems making things with raw egg yolk. So i ended up improvising my own version of almost Eggs Benedict, which turned out almost as good as the real thing. Not quite, but still.

(Oded’s Eggs Benedict)

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Boil some water and put in a small frying pan with high edges. Pour in some viniger.
Water should reach about 90 DegC, and only slightly bubble. The viniger help and the fact that it’s a flat pan with large surface area (Remeber, PV=NRT and P is low because we have a large S).
Put the egg in it and let it boil.
Make the gravey:
mix :

X *            Mayonaise, 
X/2 *          Mustard, 
2/3 * X        Molten butter,
Epsilon *      Salt, pepper, paprika
4 * Epsilon *  Lemon juice
4 * Epsilon *  Chopped Dill 

X := some quantity of mayonaise
Epsilon := very small amount

Put a peice of bread to be toasted when you’re in mid mix of the sauce.

The first egg’s white should be ready, and the yolk still running like we like it.
Get the first egg out with those bigs spoons with the holes in it that morfix translates as ” slotted spoon”.
put it on a plate where you places onf of those very absorbant kitchen papers which morfix calls “blotting paper”.
Put the other egg in the semi boiling water.
Prepare first egg:
Layer up the Bread, egg on top of it, and the sauce as portayed in the following layer diagram:

Sauce Sauce Sauce Sauce (Layer 2)
Sauce EGG EGG EGG Sauce (Layer 1)

The second egg should be ready by now so, do the second part of the for loop:

const int EggsUsed = 2;

for (int Eggs = EggsUsed; Eggs > 0; Eggs--) {

Call your girlfriend and annouce that breakfest is served.

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