To: Weird Al Yancovik Customer Support

please stop working with DHL !

Today i had the most unpleasant experience when attempting to receive my rightfully purchased weird Al CD and DVD.
DHL decided, against Israeli laws and regulations, to charge me around 20$ for delivery, holding my package as hostage.
20$ is almost HALF of what that CD and DVD cost together ! The commission is MORE then what I paid for pre-ordering the CD itself !!

After the delivery guy arrived and told my parents, who were home at the time, “Oh yeah, i can’t deliver this unless you pay me 80NIS”, I had to spend more then 20 minutes on the phone line as the costumer service employee, kept me on hold multiple times, and demanding I pay for their “services” and complain later or else I wouldn’t get my package !

Israeli laws and regulations, states that you’re only paying customs and sales tax if your package’s price exceeds 200NIS (44$), Mine was 38$. But apparently DHL find it appropriate to screw up citizens and charge them up with extra commissions starting at 2$.

If you would have send my package with another carrier like Fedex, or international airmail through USPS, I would have got it FASTER (the package was delayed in DHL tel-aviv facility for almost a week now), and in fact, in the past, I have gotten CD’s faster, more reliable, and without the headaches that DHL caused me.

This whole fiasco is really outrageous.

I don’t know if I’ll ever see those 20$ that DHL forced me to pay them.
Their costumer support said that I’ll need to form a complaint, but from my experience they won’t be so willing to part from money they took away from me, especially since they refused to deliver the package unless I pay them, even though they admitted in my phone call that I was right, and the threshold for taxes is 200NIS.

so PLEASE, do not be in business with DHL.

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