Link concentrate in a can.

So this week, in exchange to some currency (paid only a month of more later) I had to wake up WAY WAY early, and EVERY FREAKING DAY OF THE WEEK, and teach Perl programming to Comverse employees.
Usualy it’s now that bad, but this time there were two factors in the way.
First, I had to teach another course the week before, which cause my concentrations, and tolerance to stupid people to be lower.
Second, the students in this specific course were extra stupid.
I’m sorry, “C Programmer with years of experience” should KNOW what pointers are and how to use them.
Or functions. They should be able to grasp the trivial concept or return value.
I’m sorry.

There are prerequisits for the course which is “basic knowledge of unix and programming, and preferably a BSC in CS.”
Not knowing what | does or what’s cat, or how to use
cat /etc/passwd |
well – just means you probably neved used unix command line in your life.

Teaching this week means i had less time at home, so Less blog posts. But, i hereby provide you with a concentrate of links for stuff i bumped into while boredomly surfing while the students were doing some excercises:

From Boing Boing and later a few other places:
Guess the logo quiz . I got 60% right.

From Al Lowe‘s cyberjoke 3000:

Think you can tell what’s real and what’s computer generated? Here’s a test from Autodesk, the company that recently bought Maya, one of the major 3-D graphics programs. Vote whether 10 objects or real or CG. Personally? I didn’t do very well. Tell me if you get a perfect score.

Well Al, I got 9 out of 10 right. Ha !

Kim tells us about Best blog post EVAR!. I tend to agree, it is a prestine fine work of blog posting.
I’m gonna take kim up on his challenge.

A guy called Yishai Raziel hired the guy who does the “In a world” promo’s and made a promo for Sabich. It’s stupidly entertaining.

I remember there were other stuff i bumped over the week that i thought were blog post worthy, but i can’t remember them.

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