To do lists

Oh, wow !

Things are going so crazy lately and I’m getting too confused from everything that’s going around.

Many things happen all of a suddend, and all at once. ,and the up coming new year’s date change is part of it.
A lot of ideas and thoughts about things i need to do constantly pop into my mind, but many of the things also have dependancies.
For example:
I decided about two things:
As of next week, i’m formally registering Corbomite LTD at the Israeli company registrar.
Yes ! I’ll be acting CEO and sole director of a company next week.

The coding and visual artwork on Zbeng! demo (in hebrew) is finished, and if you havn’t got a chance to play it yet, tell me and i’ll send you a link to download it if you promise to tell me about bugs.

Being ready, I’ve decided to spend some money and go to GDC and try to meet with people and give them copies of the demo.
I also never been to GDC and going to it looks like it can progress my career and colleague network.

So these two things give me a lot of stuff to put into my todo list.
I’ve booked up a flight to new york (the domestic US flight to SF i’ll book later) for two weeks. And now I need to know if Lee is coming there with me so I can book it.
I also don’t know yet where to stay in NY or SF and how much it is going to cost me.

I’m struggleing between reading cooperation legar documents and papers I need to sign, battling with travel plans, having to wait on answered from people about stuff, trying to figure out both trivial stuff (and a lot of them) and crucial stuff.
On top of that my head is constantly re-filled with ideas about games, Zbeng, Web 2.0 ventrues and other stuff.
On top of that I had homework to submit to day (with my team).
I’m glad I could at least take some of the pressure out by playing warcraft in the evening..

So with all the things going on, meetings, phone calls, home work, planning, thinking, programming, playing. I started making TODO lists.
And after I made them, I need to call Lee and tell her what I wrote in them (she involves only third to half of the items there).

Before I write the TO DO lists everything looks like a messy ball of twine in my head. Like a meshed up N-dimensional gantt chart. Many things overlapping, and loppy dependancies.
So i try to write down everything that’s on my mind in lists.
When i’m done, the list looks short and organized. And all those things that looked so important and urgent to accomplish when they popped up into my head, now seem like they can be postponed for tommorow.

(and don’t go tell this to the authorities) I found an unopened letter from the IRS from two months ago about some missing paperworks that they need for my tax report for 2005. The letter ended with “you must reply to this letter two week from when you receive it”.
That was about a month and a half ago.
So i paniced.
I didn’t know where the forms they needed are, I didn’t remember what I did in December 2005. I didn’t know where there were empty envelopes around, and I didn’t know when the post office was open so i can buy stamps.

After I wrote the todo list, everything became relaxed. I looked up in my file cabinet and remembered what i did in 2005, I wrote down a letter to the IRS. I found an empty envelope. I surfed into the mail’s websit to find out that they were closed, and left the envelope on my backpack so I remember to send it tommorow on the way to school.
Now i’m relaxed. So what if i’m late by a month and a half to submit documents to the IRS, as long as it’s not bothering me in my huge messed up twine ball of urgent stuff in my head, and written nicely in a to do list.
Now on my to do list are other stuff i’m not worried about, like the fact that most cheap holtes are sold out in san fransico in the dates of conference, and i’ll either have to pay a lot of stay far from he convention center. but i’m not worried. It’s in my to do list.

Also in my to do list are writing some posts about stuff, like my grandmother’s 90th birthday (!!) that happend last week.
Ooh. I should add “download pictures from camera” to the list.

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