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Jeff Pulver (Aka. Aswesome party guy) whos blog i started reading, have started a Blog -tag game that has reached 28 generations in one of the branches.
Basically it should spread at a rate of power of five, which means if everyone fills it and it had reached 28 generations, there should be up to 5 to the power of 28 people who were tagged.
Obviously, (just like coupling in real life) some dont’ get tags (virgins), some people don’t respond to tag (Singles), and some people write the meme, but don’t send it away to 5 new people (Married but no kids), and then there’s an Ouriel who turned it into an orgy.

I’m waiting for someone to personally invite me (ask me out on a date) to write down the 5 thing, instead of just barging in on an open door. I would alse like to be able to track it down back to Jeff’s.
I am suprised I havn’t got tagged so far, because I have seen it in several Israeli blogs as well, the blogoshpere isn’t THAT large (or maybe it is and i’m just naive), and I assumed that exponetial growth with powers of 5 is fast…

I have my 5 things ready in my head just in case, I’m just waiting to get connected to the chain.

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