Memory is aweful

I don’t get my neural network some times.
Yesterday, talking to Ami Ben Bassat he pointed me to his blog becuase he linked there to Feng-Gui (awesome name) which analyzes your website and gives you a heat map of where’s the user’s attention is. Analyzing some of my websites, Not suprising, it chose to tell me that people focus on pictrues. (Duh einstinen software).
Then i decided to try it out on an all text page, like my shows page.
Guess what ?
It got confused, and gave me an amorphic picture.

Waking up today, I went to visit his blog again (by googleing) and I destictly remember it now, and reading it in the past.
Google sends me to an article of his that was slashdotted a while back about using snails to have higher bandwidth than ADSL
It’s something we joked about when i worked with On Paradis in Nsof: If You send a terabyte of DVD’s to netvision HQ in haifa from Tel-aviv, you get a HUGE bandwidth.
But the latency sucks.

I don’t know why my memory didn’t make the connection earlier, but in any case Ami’s now back to my favorite RSS aggregator: Thuderbird.

Side note: about 3 months ago (approx.) I told Ami about Clicktale which is a start-up of someone i know from my MBA, lead by my enterpraneurship proffesor from the MBA – Tal Schwartz, a very nice guy. He even made it to the astroclub a week ago. When ever I meet Ami again, we have something to talk about – the fact he didn’t try it yet.
I feel like i’m one of the largest viral promoters for clicktale. I got Lee using it already, and I promote it around.
Tal and Arik ! I want precentage !

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