Issues with the WoW tyra banks clip

Watch and read

part 2:

1. Tyra banks (or Tyra banks’es researchers) are stupid.
She asks this girl who’s boyfriend is a WoW addict :
“he’s doing this with a video game . something that’s just a computer. it’s not real. how does it feel when he’s choses that over you, a human ?”

World of warcraft isn’t a video game. It’s a social interaction tool. Just like skype or ICQ or A PHONE.
imaging 60 years ago someone would talk to his friend a lot with the phone. would 60’s version of dumb Tyra ask “how does it feel when your boyfriend talks to the phone all the time ? it’s just plastic and wires. It’s not real ! how does it feel when your boyfriend chooses to talk to his friends on the phone over you, a human ?”

I’ll tell you how it feels : it’s feels like you’re a moron.

2. destroying World of warcraft’s installation CD’s means nothing.
you still have the game installed on your PC. You can always reinstall from new cd’s, go to a friend’s to play, or an internet cafe.

3. The psychologist is dumb too.
He lets the fat girlfriend destroy most of the CD’s instead of the addict. The whole “leap of faith” with destroying the CD’s should be a step the addict is taking. Not the addicts freind. there’s no point in your friend throwing away your heroine. It’s YOU who has to do it.

4. Tyra banks tells the fat girlfreidn she’s not fat. This is why americans have obesity, becuase the anorexis tyra-banks models tells the fat lady she’s not fat. well, guess what fat lady, YOU’RE FAT !

Now back to real life, with real people, and not this computer blog thing. It’s not real.

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