No smoking

On 31.5 was the international no smoking day. There was suppose to be a non smoking party to raise the awareness of smoking dangers, at Haoman 17, a dance club known for it’s smoke.
I came in late, and making a long story short, I paid 40nis (even though I won a free ticket), got in, so EVERYONE inside was smoking, got out, and was refused to get refunded.
I’m going to sue them for 40NIS + gas expenses + the maximum allowable fine by law.
The next day we went protesting in front of Dizingoff Center, because they don’t enforce smoking laws in there. Just 5 minutes after the proest I took a picture of a girl smoking under the non smoking sign…
Here’s a video of the protest I took with Lee’s camera.
There’s some sound problem, I’ll try to figure out why and repost it.

Amnon also wrote an angry letter to the paper abotu the israeli police incosiderate behaviour in Taam Hair, which I hope to link to soon.

Coming up next : Fanboy heaven.

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