Nothing Too Interesting to write about.

“So Don’t” – if you have nothing good to say.

I went to unemployment office again, as i need to do every two weeks, I went on another job interview, not exactly, it was an interview at a job agency. No news in that area yet.

On the way back from Lishka Taasuka yesterday me and Lee took a walk in Tel-aviv, followed by a hamburger dinner In Agadir with Assaf. Nothing to fancy, nicly done onion-mushroom burger. Very good one for that. But nothing new about that.

We saw a good Angel episode (5×14) today with Assaf and Ramon. It’s nice seeing a good episode after a long sequance of non-good episodes.

We saw “Kill Bill 1” in the teekend. We’re not sure if it was in the original english version, but in ours, there wasn’t any translation to the japaneese parts, so we felt like we missed half of the movie. We did decided that we’re not going to overpay a lot of money just to see no. 2 in the cinema’s but wait for it to come for DVD.

I so much don’t care about sports, and if those darn sports fan wouldn’t have kept me up with their partying up to 3 am with their lous parties, i wouldn’t have known anything about winning any games or nothing. I don’t even know who we were up against. I don’t care. We won, We lost, whatever. Let me sleep!

For nothing to write about, this isn’t my shortest post.

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