The Switch.

Lee’s computer got stuck for a while now, whenever you’d be trying to run Photoshop. It’s been like that ever since I’ve upgraded my computer and gave her my ol’ mother board n’ cpu.

After that, she couldn’t run Photoshop anymore. So she said she’d reinstall windows, after formatting her “C” drive, and that, after she backs up everything. So once she got released of the army, and have had time, she’s been backing up her computer, so we reinstalled her windows Friday afternoon. Unfortunantly, even after formatting, reinstalling windows, display driver, and photoshop (and that’s it), when running photoshop, her computer got stuck !
I’ve trying replacing and removing everything replacable other then motherboard/cpu, but Alas poor yorick. So we then had no choice, but to replace the last thing there is to replace. So we switch the harddrive and all the cards between her computer and the other computer that’s in the living room with windows98 that i use to do cd burnings with.
The operation went smoothly, MUCH more smoothly then expected. The only bump in the road was the fact that her “new” computer didn’t support disk drives over 33gb and hers was a 40Gb drive.
We’ve both missed a beat when the BIOS update utility got stuck (!!!) but it got through in the end.

Lee now have Photoshop running again. Hurray !

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