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Friend of the week: Amnon.

Amnon is one of my best friends. I’ve known Amnon since we were in elementary school together, and he’s the friend I have known the longest. Like myself, Amnon likes star trek, Monty python, and computers, so naturally we were … Continue reading

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Announcing : Friend of the week.

Hi. I’ve decided i want some constant topic to write about. So, unless I forget, or don’t feel like it, each week, starting today, i’m gonna write a post about one of my friends, and i’ll add it to the … Continue reading

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”Deadline” – A Great Israeli Comic Book.

I was waiting in line in Bituah Leumi. Bureaucracy… You know. I had something like.. well i actually don’t know how long it was, since the time i waited just zoomed away as I intensely read through “Deadline”, a new … Continue reading

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