Announcing : Friend of the week.


I’ve decided i want some constant topic to write about. So, unless I forget, or don’t feel like it, each week, starting today, i’m gonna write a post about one of my friends, and i’ll add it to the “about me” FAQ that’s right there on the left side of the page. I’ve even got the next two-three month’s posts lined up there already. Don’t worry, The order in which they appear isn’t the one in which i’ll post them.

I give you a word of advance warning, if you don’t want me to write certain stuff about you, or do want to write something abuot you, or want me to make stuff up about you, let me know now, or forever hold your peace.

I also preffer to get some short post from you, describing stuff like, how i know you, and /or some situation we’ve been in together.

I’d like to have one paragraph each of my friends wrote about himself/herself.

Waiting for your replies !

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