”Deadline” – A Great Israeli Comic Book.

I was waiting in line in Bituah Leumi. Bureaucracy… You know. I had something like.. well i actually don’t know how long it was, since the time i waited just zoomed away as I intensely read through “Deadline”, a new comic book series (hopefully) from two talented individuals who made the comic book series Arinea. I didn’t actually get a “click” with Arinea, even though, for a change, I liked the drawings the book, It was just… well.. too role-playing-ish for me to decide to spend money on. I bought a Futurama comic book instead. However, when I read issue #0 of Deadline in Comikaza I definently heard a click noise. I like self aware stories, movies, and yes, comic books. Asterix comic books are self aware, Uri’s comics are self aware (especially when he’s in them), and Deadline, is not only self aware, it’s part of the point that it’s self aware. It’s nice. It’s good. I like it that way. Other then being funny, and the story itself kept me on the (literally) edge of governmental issued seat in the Mossad (of Bituah Leumi), the drawing of this comic book are absolutely beautiful, realistic, and fantastic at the same time. I’ve met Aviv, the artist drawing this book, in Fantasy con, and recognized her perfectly, because of her striking similarity to the character she’s portraying in her book, she’s very talented, and the fact that I could even recognize a person by a drawing of themselves as a panther is spectacular. She’s doing a fine job, and I hope she’ll keep her drawings that nice.
All in all, I have 1 conclusion to make about “Deadline”: Where’s Issue No.2 already ?!?!
Even though I’m very pro Israeli creation when it comes to scifi, comics, computer games and other vegetables that I like, I don’t automatically buy everything Israeli that there is, since, first the variety recently have gone higher then before, more Israeli books, and comics are now published, which is something I’m very happy for. Second, since I don’t read books that much, I tend to be more selective. Lee will buy any Israeli sci-fi book just to show support. I buy only if it’s good.. I didn’t bother buying the other Israeli comic series out now, by some other guy, which I don’t even remember it’s name. Just because I didn’t like the drawing.
I am thinking of buying and reading Arinea. Deadline gave me a hunger for more of these guy’s comics.

Also, If Uri Fink’s comic event last week didn’t make me want to take a pencil and start drawing, this comic book definently did.
So I did, and then figured out I suck. other then drawing in-animate objects, and a few pre-drawn poses of human beings, acutaly one human being, I really need to learn some drawing techniques, because i really suck. And i’m too much of a critic of my own work. Since i’m a perfectionist, and i wouldn’t accept anything less then perfect for my comics if i ever had one. I do think that if i’d had some more practice i could have written a great comic book story(ies).

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